Online Baby Massage Course

As classes can no longer run, the
online course has been created to offer you the same quality of information and support

Why Baby Massage?

Benefits for baby and parent
From increasing bonding to aiding digestion the benefits are varied.

Baby Massage & Bonding

Bonding with your baby

Positive Touch - The power of Baby Massage. Nurture the bond with your baby, massage time is just about the two of you.

All Those Benefits!

Physical Benefits

There are many physical benefits to regular massage for your baby including: aiding digestions, moisturising the skin, establishing routines, assisting regular sleep patterns, calming techniques, bonding with parents and many more

Emotional Benefits Too!

Emotional Benefits

One of the main emotional Benefits of Massage is in building the bond between you and your baby, however the power of positive touch goes much further. A contented baby will eat more, sleep better and engage more readily. How about those for some emotional side effects! The connection between mums is also vital. Lots of friendships are made in baby massage classes.

Baby Massage Products


We provide grapeseed oil for everyone attending a baby massage class. We also provide different products for you to try and which are available to purchase. We love the bee balm from Songbird Naturals. Try lots of different oils in the classes