What is Baby Massage?

Mother’s have been massaging their babies for thousands of years, yet in the West it is only over the last 10-15 years that this ancient practice is becoming a regular part of a routine. We are beginning to see and acknowledge the many benefits of baby massage.

While there is little research into the benefits of massage to adults, the amount of research into the Benefits of Baby Massage is rapidly growing. The Touch Institute in Miami is a widely respected for the quality of its research relating to Infant Massage.

The research clearly shows that regular massage can affect the physiological and psychological development of a new born.This is especially relevant in premature babies, where the effects of lack of physical contact in the early days and weeks due to being in Special Care can be countered by a daily massage.

The Benefits Of Baby Massage

Both baby and parent benefit from the natural process of touch. Baby Massage offers an opportunity to parents to increase the bond between themselves and their new born baby.

Benefits to Baby

  • Relaxation
  • Builds respect
  • Weight gain
  • Regular sleep patterns
  • Better bond with parents
  • Decrease of stress hormones
  • Increase in body awareness
  • Assistant in muscle tone and flexability
  • Baby learns to trust their parent
  • Increase in feelings of intimacy
  • Improves immune system

Benefits to Parents

  • Increase in bond with Baby
  • Assist with Post Natal Depression
  • Decrease in stress hormones
  • Gain self confidence
  • Learn about their baby’s body and development
  • Develop awareness of their baby’s needs and feelings

Massage Classes - How they work

The classes are now online, via the online course.

You can also preview the course via the introductory video below.

The course is split into modules to enable you as a parent to have time to learn each part of the massage sequence. It is crucial to build up the amount of time spent massaging the new born. Your baby may be sensitive to over stimulation in the early months.

Each module begins with new set of strokes on a different part of the body. Each moudle is fun and interactive, nursery rhymes are sung and it gives plenty of time for you to connect with your baby.

If at any time your baby needs to take a break to feed, sleep or just to rest from the touch and stimulation you can simply watch the class or pause the video and watch again later.

At the end of the course every parent will feel confident in the techniques shown. Enabling you to carry out massage on your baby in your own home.