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What are the Benefits of Baby Massage?
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Welcome to Massage Your Baby

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Baby Massage with Rachel Hawkes at Massage Your Baby

I am Rachel Hawkes, the founder of Massage Your Baby. After coming out of the corporate world of sales & marketing, I wanted a more holistic approach to the working environment. Deciding that Massage Therapy was the way to go, I embarked on a full scale attack on various training courses. During this time I was reading widely around all things Massage, especially relating to research. I wanted the facts and figures to back up all the amazing benefits that I knew about Massage.

Why Baby Massage?

This is when I came across the research on Baby Massage that had been taking place by Dr Tiffany Fields at the Miami Touch Institute. The studies were amazing – we now take for granted these results. Premie babies were leaving hospital earlier than previously – why? They had been having daily massages! I was hooked – so after researching the best courses in the UK I entered the world of a Baby Massage Instructor.

Fast Forward 13 years and I still teach! The courses are run over 5 weeks and I still keep all groups small. Babies crying multiplied by large numbers – Eeeek – just makes all the mums very stressed.

The Classes

During the 5 sessions a full body routine is covered. Each week we break down the routine into manageable chunks, and also repeat the last week. The classes and songs are all about providing every parent with enough confidence to happily massage their baby’s at home. There is a lovely handbook for everyone and Grapeseed Oil is provided. We chat at the end of every class about anything related to either your baby or baby massage, such as; which oil to use?, time of day to massage, how to add it to a routine?, helping with sleep and other classes that are running.

How can I Book?

Courses run at Kings Hill Community Centre, our current course details are all on the website. If you are part of an NCT group or would prefer one to one sessions I am more than happy to come to you in the Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells area.