Time of Day

What time of day is ‘best’ to regularily massage your baby?  

What oil to use?

It is an important factor in any Baby Massage routine – what oil or medium to use. I will mention some of the oil that are […]

Stressed? Massage Therapy Can Help

I’m Not Stressed! As a parent it is easy to neglect the signs of increased stress. “oh I’m just tired’, we say to others, they nod […]

What about the Dad’s?


A little Video from Massage Your Baby

So it was time to put together something pretty! So please see the video with details how classes are run and just some of the many […]

What are the Benefits of Baby Massage?

Benefits 2018 and we are all very aware of Baby Massage, however, it has only become so widespread during the last 10-15 years. This is mainly […]