What about the Dad’s?

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What about the Dad’s?

For dad’s, it can be hard to know how to get involved in the day to day routines. Especially if a baby is being breastfed. Baby Massage is a great way of getting them hands-on, both in a class and at home. Baby Massage for Dad’s is a way of benefitting both parent and baby.

Baby massage is the perfect way to get a father to feel part of his baby’s day. The routine learnt in classes ensures that all aspects of massage are covered, with a handbook too to refer back to if needed.

Combining massage with songs builds that bond that can often be hard for dads to achieve once they return to work. Many feel that they are not able to be hands-on enough, so massage gives them those precious minutes with their baby.


Getting a dad to be part of a new baby’s routine can be a challenge. Once they return to work after paternity leave they often feel excluded from the daily habits that are starting to form.

By making a massage part of the routine every day, you can easily enable father’s to have this as something they can do every day.

Time of Day

Your baby can be massaged at any time of day, however before your bedtime routine can work really well. This can also benefit dad’s, as they can try and build their own workday around returning in time for this. Baby Massage for Dad’s can be worked around you and your family, including older siblings.

Building a Bond

Massage is well documented on being a fantastic method of building a bond between baby and parent. This works equally well for a father, mother or grandparent.

The intimacy and connections formed during every massage build with repetition, so the more you do it, the deeper the connection. Even if only for a few minutes a day.

Baby Massage for Dad’s

So, how do you all benefit from these techniques? Why not read the blog on Benefits. You will be amazed at how you all can benefit from Baby Massage!

Baby Massage Classes

If you can attend a local class then all the better. You will learn all about the techniques and also have time to meet and chat with other parents too. Many classes encourage Dads to come along. In my Buddha Buddies classes, we often have Dads, either with a partner or on their own.

Baby massage for dads
Baby Massage for Dads